Jemima's Playhouse music and stories are a great way to boost your child's cultural awareness, while adding emphasis on music, language and imagination. Learn how to count in Spanish, French and Chinese in just minutes of listening to Jemima's Playhouse songs!  Enrich your child's learning capacity with proven and innovative resources to give them the most amazing learning experience possbile. 

 Jemima's Playhouse is the most entertaining educational music EVER! The songs are so catchy...I can't get them out of my head.

A. Parker - Preschool Teacher, Kansas


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Jemima's Playhouse Sing- Along Digital Music Album

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Children of One World Digital Music Album

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Favorite Member Digital Music Album

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One Beat Digital Music Album

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Enrich your curriculum with proven and innovative resources to give your children the most amazing learning experience possible! 

Get your children the joy of learning with Jemima's Playhouse music and stories! Our songs cover a variety of topics that will easily complement any number of lessons in your classroom.   See how these resources can benefit your program.