Jemima’s Playhouse is an all-in-one music and language interactive children’s program servicing preshools and elementary schools across the U.S. This innovate cultural enrichment program is a great mix of culture blended with entertainment and education through the practice of music, arts and foreign languages.


Through the use of our original songs and stories, students will learn music, foreign languages, culture, and geography. Jemima’s Playhouse’s creative, interactive learning approach incorporates animated story time, creative dramatics, and original songs to promote imagination, culture and language, and social skills.


"Our children loves this program! It is an extraordinarily engaging and exhilarating multicultural music and arts extravaganza we are proud to have at our school."
T. Hayes - Director of the Goddard School Sandy Springs Ga.


Jemima's Playhouse provides insight in the world of music through a variety of enjoyable music  and ear training activities.  By utilizing a variety of enjoyable music games and ear training activities, children are introduced to music theory concepts such as:

        Musical Alphabet   •      Music Notes  •      Rhythm

Our program also provide children with a concrete musical skill set through activities, games and songs. Hands-on introductions to instruments may include the piano, guitar, drums, and more.

Languages & Culture

Jemima's Playhouse encompasses a multicultural environment throughout the curriculum. Children will learn basic words and phrases in French and Spanish, counting in Mandarin Chinese, and a growing knowledge and understanding of cultures across the globe.  All lessons are uniquely crafted to maximize duality in language acquisition and content learning.

"Thank you for such a wonderful and educational program!!"

A. Dawson - Goddard School Sandy Springs Ga.


We believe in the power of imagination! Our characters and lessons are designed to foster and promote the importance of creativity in children. Lessons will expose children to a wide variety of resource materials for art, movement, music, and language, and encourage further self-interest and exploration. 

SPECIAL CHARACTER VISITS: To top the learning experience off, Jemima's Playhouse life size costume characters come and visit each service school for a special appearance!


Señor Burro™

Señor Burro™ is our Spanish speaking donkey from Mexico.

Madame Belle™

Madame Belle™ is our beautiful cow from France.


BahamaMan™ is our supero hero from The Bahamas.

Boss the Chipmunk™

Boss the Chipmunk™ travels all around the world to race other animals.


Kuno™ is our lovable, magical iguana from Australia who teaches us about responsibility.