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Welcome to Jemima’s Playhouse! My husband, Tyrone and I started this wonderful journey in 2012 on the eve of our nuptials. I had worked as a child care director for many years and decided that it was time to take a leap of faith with my dream of teaching students music, French, Spanish and culture. As soon as I mentioned the prospect of starting a new company, Tyrone jumped with excitement at the thought of us working together every day. His missed opportunity to compete in the Olympics for the Bahamas was still fresh on our minds. This news excited him as if he was on the starting line of the 100m final.

We sat for months to create our flagship characters, Señor Burro™ (teaches the students Spanish) and Madame Belle™ (teaches the students French). The company had to be a place where students could “Meet Your Imagination™” and feel comfortable learning all of the well-thought out lesson plans. The “cultural appreciation method” was coined by Jemima’s Playhouse as a teaching method for our young minds. We decided to use original songs composed and sung by me to teach the children. Songs like “The Musical Alphabet” and “The Musical Notes” would focus on teaching music and character songs would trigger the students’ imagination like “BahamaMan”.

This magical ride has taken Jemima’s Playhouse from Atlanta to Kansas, Kansas to Missouri and Missouri to Nebraska. It started with Tyrone and I working through the night crafting meticulous lesson plans to service a few schools to now over 100 schools with 20 team members. One feeling that has not changed is the love for introducing our resources to the students and the look on a student’s face when a song assists with the learning of anything new. I also get to work with Tyrone every day and continue to live my dream as students meet their imaginations through our “cultural appreciation method”.

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