We Believe in the Power of Music Education!

From the time Jemima's Playhouse originated as a mere idea within our imaginations, we have always believed that music is key to engaging and educating children. Not only does it allow them freedom of expression with a fun and playful way of learning, but it truly offers immeasurable benefits in the success of that education.

The Children's Music Workshop released an article in 2014 through their website entitled "Twelve Benefits of Music Education." These are benefits we at Jemima's Playhouse see everyday in the students within our program. Through our music, students do not learn ONLY the words, numbers, and phrases of different languages that we teach. They do not ONLY learn new, fun songs and aspects of music and instruments. They learn far more than the lessons on life and responsibility that we impart with our lyrics. By using music as our primary method for teaching, we provide a grander education that young children will develop and carry with them through their lifetimes.

Music and language have a solid causal link. The Children's Music Workshop highlights this as one of their twelve points by stating that music education at an early age enhances the development of areas in the brain linked with language. This connection helps in the language acquisition of our students because Jemima's Playhouse teaches languages through our music.

Engaging through music education also provides children the means to think creatively, a skill which will benefit them through life and aid in critical thinking as teenagers and adults. It also corresponds directly to cultural appreciation and education. Yet another reason why Jemima's Playhouse chooses to utilize music in our program. Our focus is to educate students in music and language and to bring insight to the different cultures around the world. There is possibly no better way to introduce a young mind to other cultures than through lively and engaging rhythm and lyrics.

We are extremely proud of the program we have created here at Jemima's Playhouse. The results we see on a daily basis in the minds of our growing students drives us to continue to provide the best early educational experience we can. We believe in the power of creativity. We believe in the power of music. We believe that by teaching THROUGH music, we offer more than a music and language program alone. We offer immeasurable opportunities with our unique musical methods that will build and develop life skills and passions for today's young minds to carry through to the future.

Click here to view the Twelve Benefits of Music Education article by the Children's Music Workshop.

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