Señor Burro Revolutionizes Entertainment & Education

Kansas City, Missouri, June 7th, 2017… Señor Burro®! Who is he? Nothing but a friendly donkey. Now, the whole universe knows his name! That is: The universe of attendees at the recent “Señor Burro® Birthday Party” hosted by Jemima’s Playhouse® in Kansas City, Missouri.

Señor Burro's Birthday Party was booming with the chant: "Si, Si, Si" by all of the performing students. A befuddled parent, who was hearing the “hit song” for the very first time glanced over at Mr. Tyrone, creator of Señor Burro® and uttered one word, "Wow"! Such was the level of her excitement.

The four hundred attendees at the Señor Burro® Birthday Party show staged by Jemima’s Playhouse® were feted to a nonstop sing-a-long dancing display by the children, complemented by surprise visits by some of the other Jemima’s Playhouse® characters, like BahamaMan®, Wastertron® and Madame Belle®, who turned out to bid Señor Burro® a hearty Happy Birthday!

Fun and excitement reigned supreme. This is typical when children between two and twelve years old get together in an organized way to enjoy themselves and to entertain their parents. And this is a typical scene whenever Jemima's Playhouse® stages one of its Shows. One never knows what to expect. But each Show always showcases a Jemima’s Playhouse® original character to reinforce its groundbreaking appeal to entertainment and education through its "Cultural Appreciation” method.

The Jemima’s Playhouse® cultural appreciation method incorporates a fun way for students to learn at exceptional rate – through music, and proprietary characters – in a seamless way. Of the Jemima Playhouse® characters, Señor Burro has emerged to be one of the most beloved by the children. And that is why a whole show was staged recently in Kansas City, Missouri, to wish him Happy Birthday!

The children who participate in the Jemima’s Playhouse® program were beside themselves with glee as performers in the Show! And the parents were elated to see their children inter-acting with Señor Burro®, engaging in wholesome fun. This is central to Jemima’s Playhouse’s® cultural appreciation method: Teaching social responsibility, the musical alphabet, and how to count in French, Spanish and Mandarin! Señor Burro®, for his part, had a grand old time!

As the Flagship Character, of Jemima’s Playhouse®, Señor Burro has flourished. He has gained a foothold into the affection of the children and their parents. This was all on display at his Birthday Party.

"Señor Burro® is so cool!" enthused Ms. Jan Krug, owner of Stephens House Learning Center in Kansas City, Missouri. "The students can't wait for him to come so that they can show him how well they know his cool songs!"

Jemima’s Playhouse®, having expanded to Kansas City, Omaha and Dallas from its base in Atlanta, has created “hit” books and songs dedicated to Señor Burro® and its other characters; and is now bringing its cultural appreciation method to over 15,000 students per week at the schools that it serves. These songs and books are also available on the Jemima’s Playhouse Website at

"The Highlight of the Year for me was when I walked into the grocery store recently and heard an entire family in the front of me singing Señor Burro's favorite song, "Cool Donkey"!, said Tyrone Sawyer II, owner of Jemima's Playhouse. He added, "All of characters have a life of their own, but they are all led by our Flagship Character, Señor Burro.

Señor Burro celebrates with Ms. Jenni (Kansas City Area Manager), Ms. Jemima Mr. Tyrone and Cap (Tyrone III).

Ms. Jemima embraces Señor Burro as Madame Belle surprises with a birthday cake.

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