Jemima’s Playhouse Breaks New Ground with Original Album: One Beat

"On your mark...get set...GO!" Those are the words that Jemima Sawyer would hear drumming constantly, a few years back, as she sat nervously in the stands. Her husband, and co-founder of Jemima’s Playhouse, Tyrone, competed in the supreme Track & Field event: the 100 meters. And he was very good! Challenging the likes of Usain Bolt (who turned out to be the greatest world beater!) as a junior athlete. Jemima recalls that her heart would beat so fast and her palms would sweat with the anticipation of the exciting races.

Mr. Tyrone (middle) competes in the Carifta International Track and Field Meet in 2002

Photo: Mr. Tyrone (middle) competes in the Carifta International Track and Field Meet in 2002 Now Jemima has found herself in another race; the race to perfection! This takes the form of the new Jemima’s Playhouse album: "One Beat." Jemima’s Playhouse started out as a twinkling in their eyes five years ago. Today, Jemima Playhouse - replete with trademarked proprietary characters, unique lesson plans, excited team members, and proprietary songs, like "One Beat" - visits 20,000 students per week in five different states. "One Beat" is so unique. It is Jemima’s Playhouse’s breakthrough hit. Gone is the need for sweaty palms. Jemima feels herself visibly relaxing as thousands and thousands of children bounce with anticipation every time ‘One Beat’ is played. Now the excitement comes from seeing the children ‘meet their imagination’ with a song to their liking. "One Beat," the song, focuses on teaching students the quarter note. Quite a simple, but compelling concept. Jemima’s Playhouse, is the inspiration for it all. It is the brainchild of Jemima, and her husband Tyrone, the former track and field athlete. Now, they compete to capture the imagination of students all over the United States, and indeed, all over the world. Most companies find the prospect of engaging students extremely hard to do, because it is difficult to keep the attention of children for any length of time. And this is the arena where Jemima and Tyrone chose to compete. And they have been able to do so successfully. Jemima’s Playhouse engages in a meaningful way with over 20,000 students a week in Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas. Through these interactions a lot of the inspiration emerges to propel Jemima’s Playhouse forward. “One Beat” is but another example of how the interaction with the students have inspired Jemima’s Playhouse to even greater heights. Said Mrs. Jemima, “When we first started Jemima’s Playhouse, we wanted the students to hear songs from the perspective of our characters. After we sat down and starting playing the piano, the songs just started to flow.” The song, “Si, Si, Si”, which features Señor Burro, the Spanish speaking donkey from Mexico, riffs body parts in Spanish over a bombastic beat is a featured song on “The One Beat” album.

“I cannot get the songs out of my head,” laughs Ms. Jan Krug, owner of Stephen’s House in Kansas City, Missouri. “The songs teach the children so much, but just as important, they are having so much fun while they are learning.”

Mr. Tyrone, Cap (Tyrone III), and Mrs. Jemima celebrate the "One Beat" album release party in Kansas City, MO

Photo: Mr. Tyrone, Cap (Tyrone III), and Mrs. Jemima celebrate the "One Beat" album release party in Kansas City, MO

The race to perfection has now taken form and forged a mark in both worlds of education and entertainment. The original music of Jemima’s Playhouse sets the tone for all students to “Meet Their Imagination”! Students and their parents have now joined this fantastic race with Jemima’s Playhouse; and they are dancing and singing along the way!

“One Beat” available on ITunes:

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