Mrs. Wilson Feels The Energy!

“I can’t be late this morning!” Mrs. Wilson stressed as she searched vigorously for her keys. “I have an extremely important meeting”, she repeated - almost to herself - as she continued to search for her car keys that had, somehow, magically disappeared. She always kept them in a bowl on the kitchen counter that had informally been designated the “key bowl”.

A proud parent and her beautiful daughter take a candid photo after enjoying Jemima's Playhouse

Abigail, her four-year-old daughter, looked on sheepishly because she knew where the keys were. She had been singing her favorite Jemima’s Playhouse song the night before and she had used her mother’s car keys as a microphone. But seeing how upset her mother was, she was conflicted. But she sheepishly approached her mother and said: “Mommy, the keys are in the cookie jar! I placed them there,” she continued. “I am so sorry that I moved the keys.”

Mrs. Wilson stopped her frantic search. She scooped up her daughter in her arms, hugged her very tight and said, “It is alright, Abigail. Mommy loves you so much!” She smiled at Abigail and said, “Come, let us get you to school before you are late!”

When they got to school, Abigail’s class had already started. Mrs. Wilson held Abigail’s hand and tried to bring her into the class without attracting any attention. But before she knew it, Abigail pulled away and ran into the middle of her class, singing “Cool Donkey”, the Jemima’s Playhouse signature song, at the top of her voice! The Jemima’s Playhouse instructor embraced Abigail and Abigail joined with class to the choreographed “Cool Donkey” dance.

Mrs. Wilson was amazed. She had never seen Abigail so engaged. All of a sudden, getting to work on time was the last thing on her mind. She found herself totally captivated by the sheer energy of the Jemima’s Playhouse experience. Despite the fact that Abigail had told her over and over about Senor Burro® and Madame Belle®, two of the Jemima’s Playhouse proprietary characters, Mrs. Wilson was now feeling the Jemima’s Playhouse experience up-close for the very first time. And she found the experience to be just as exciting as Abigail told her that it was.

When she left the school thirty minutes later, it seemed to Mrs. Wilson that she was in a totally different world! The energy of Jemima’s Playhouse was now a part of her working day. Mrs. Wilson was humming “Cool Donkey” as she made her way to work that morning. In this regard, she was no different from anybody else who as a part of the Jemima’s Playhouse experience. For she observed the Director, the teachers and the students doing the same thing. And it felt good!

Jemima’s Playhouse is a groundbreaking company that teaches students music, foreign languages and geography through the use of original characters, music and stories. The company visits 20,000 students a week in five states: Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas.

When owners Jemima and Tyrone Sawyer created the company, they yearned to set it apart from anything anyone has ever seen before. They coined the “Cultural Appreciation Method”. They put in place a new, innovative curriculum. But the secret ingredient was the energy! And sprinkled itself throughout every aspect of the company.

“Energy is central to everything we do at Jemima’s Playhouse”, said Mrs. Jemima. “When we come into the classroom, we are able to bring an element that makes life easier for the teacher. We get the children excited and we have a fun experience with them while seamlessly teaching our lesson plans.”

“Wednesday is Jemima’s Playhouse day at our school!” added Ms. Thonja Smith, Director of the Goddard School, Sandy Springs Georgia. We were one of the first schools to adopt this program over six years ago. It has become a staple at our school and we have never regretted taking this step. We highly recommend Jemima’s Playhouse to schools that are seeking a special energy to engage their students.”

Ms. Jenni, Area Manager for Kansas City has a contagious smile!

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