Ms. Jemima Returns to Atlanta!

Atlanta, Georgia – Ms. Jemima arrives at Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, early on a foggy Wednesday morning. She is purpose-filled. And she is wistful. It happens every time! You see, Atlanta is where it all started six years ago; where Jemima’s Playhouse had its nascent beginnings.

Jemima relishes the feeling of freedom borne from obscurity. None of her fellow passengers know who she is. And if asked, very few would have heard about the growing phenomenon of a company she heads called “Jemima’s Playhouse”. But that is about to change. Jemima’s Playhouse, an educational and entertainment company which focuses in the space of children’s education, is growing in ways that Jemima and her husband, Tyrone, had not even imagined!

Jemima smiles with satisfaction at the thought. She jumps into her rental car. She needs no map; for she knows the terrain very well. Ahead of her is a very crowded schedule. She grabs a cappuccino and makes her way out of the airport onto I-85 North. She will start with a visit of one of the many schools where “Jemima’s Playhouse Experiences®” are scheduled throughout the Atlanta area that day. Even her Jemima’s Playhouse Instructor does not know that she is coming. It will be a lot of fun!

Ms. Jemima celebrates a great start to the day!

On this visit, Jemima will find herself visiting schools over a widely dispersed geographical area; from Fulton County, to DeKalb County, to Gwinnett County, to Cobb County.

And it is all by design. Jemima is excited! She is doing something that she loves! Therefore, she is not thinking about the amount of travel involved, or the amount of energy to be expended. She is thinking about the opportunity to share with her cadre of instructors who touch so many students in ways that no other educational and entertainment company does. “It is a great feeling,” said Jemima. “That is why we take special care in choosing our Instructors, because they not only go in to teach the children, but they carry our brand and they touch the youth of our country through Jemima’s Playhouse in such a meaningful way.”

When Jemima and her husband, Tyrone, stated Jemima’s Playhouse in the kitchen of their apartment in Atlanta six years ago, they made themselves two promises: 1) Jemima’s Playhouse will be a high quality education and entertainment company; and 2) Jemima’s Playhouse would be fun – for the Instructors, for the Students and for the Parents. So, Jemima’s visit to Atlanta is in keeping with those core values she and her husband, Tyrone, shaped in their kitchen six years ago.

As Ms. Jemima arrives at the school, she feels nostalgic. It is the same feeling that she felt six years ago, when she visited her very first school. But this time, it is different. She finds herself somewhat once-removed: It is her Instructor – not her - who is creating this Jemima’s Playhouse Experience. As she pulls into the parking lot, she watches her Instructor enter the school ten minutes before the start of the Jemima’s Playhouse Experience®. And she smiles. The Instructor is delivering on the brand promise without realizing that she is being visited by Ms. Jemima, herself! Ms. Jemima is very happy to see that the quality of Jemima’s Playhouse continues to endure. It is, of course, an extremely delicate balance.

Unannounced, Ms. Jemima walks into the classroom and hears the students counting from one (1) to ten (10) in Spanish while doing the Señor Burro silly dance, two staples of the Jemima’s Playhouse Experience®.

And she just can’t help but smile.

Ms. Jemima celebrates Señor Burro's birthday party with her beautiful students.

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