Jemima’s Playhouse, the Georgia “Underground Sensation”, Celebrates Seven Years

What a day! What a glorious day! Jemima’s Playhouse is seven years old!

On this balmy 2019 Autumn day in Atlanta, Georgia, the celebration is about to begin. Jemima’s Playhouse’s staple song, "Mis Colores", is playing on the P.A. System. The students are already in place. They are singing the song, almost drowning out the P.A. System. They are beaming with anticipation of the events that are about to unfold. In their heart of hearts, they expect to see one of the beloved Jemima’s Playhouse characters. They expect to dance to several of Jemima’s Playhouse’s original songs. And they are not disappointed. Jemima’s Playhouse is very familiar to them. And very beloved.

Jemima’s Playhouse’s flagship character, Señor Burro, makes his entrance. He announces his presence with his signature laugh, to the delight of the students. He exchanges “high five” greetings with all of the students and parents. (To wit, the parents love Jemima’s Playhouse too - almost as much as the students!) Señor Burro is a special guest today; but he is also representing the entire Jemima’s Playhouse cast of characters at this seventh anniversary celebration. It is being held at the Goddard School, Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Ms. Jemima, Señor Burro and the Jemima's Playhouse team having some fun.

There is tremendous resonance to the celebration; for Georgia is where the Jemima’s Playhouse journey began. The Goddard School, Sandy Springs, was the first school to see the potential and to unreservedly embrace the Jemima’s Playhouse Experience. “It’s been seven years,” said Jay Bryan, Owner, “but it feels like only a day - how fresh and exciting we still find the Jemima’s Playhouse Experience to be!”

From that beginning, Jemima’s Playhouse has spread its wings far beyond Atlanta. Its growth has been fast and steady. Yet, Jemima’s Playhouse has been more akin to an “underground sensation”, despite the fact that it visits over one million students per year in Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas.

It is hard to believe that this tremendous growth has happened in the small space of seven (7) years. Jemima’s Playhouse started out as just a dream for Ms. Jemima and her husband, Mr. Tyrone who founded the company at their kitchen table in Atlanta, Georgia. “Our dream,” stated Mr. Tyrone, “is to use our platform, including fifteen published books, one hundred original songs and a growing cast of proprietary characters, to touch students all over the world with the Jemima’s Playhouse Experience.”

Señor Burro embraces some of his amazing students!

Jemima’s Playhouse has stayed grounded to its defining principle: to entertain students so that they learn seamlessly while they are having fun. Jemima’s Playhouse has also stayed firm to its ethos of building an exciting and innovative curriculum. And it is working!

So, if you are in Kroger and you happen to hear an older gentleman singing “Mis Colores” in Spanish while picking up the bread, just smile. For that is just the growing impact of a seven-year-old company called Jemima’s Playhouse!

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