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Meet Your IMAGINATION, Let It Carry You Away



Musical Storytime

Uncover a lifetime of learning & discovery with our fun and original music and charming characters designed for families and children.

School Visits

Playhouse on the road!

Bring our musical Storytime with our charmingly whimsical characters to your school.


Shop our books, watch our videos, sing and dance with our original songs, and collect character accessories from Jemima’s Playhouse.

Join our Playhouse

We have created a fun virtual learning space where children can join our magical journey and connect with our characters from anywhere, at any time!

JP in Action 1

Make every house Jemima’s Playhouse

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Fostering Relationships

Our original songs and stories foster a deeper bond between children and their caregivers through sharing experiences, and bringing everyone closer together as a community.

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Joyful learning through original music & characters.

Our animated storytime, creative dramatics, and original songs promote imagination, literacy, and emotional skills while enabling children to develop a love for learning in a fun and exciting manner.

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Trusted content developed by experts

Our approach provides educational entertainment backed by proven methods and years of research. Our hands-on experience keep children engaged while learning.

Shop at Jemima's Playhouse

Make every house into Jemima’s Playhouse!

Collect our memorable books, and accessories or download our videos to continue your joyful learning with Jemima’s Playhouse at home.

What Parents Say

" Really enjoy having Jemima’s Playhouse back at Dinosaur Den for the summer.  Ms. Makayla is awesome.  She does a fantastic job with all the kiddos she interacts with. She makes it so much fun and those kiddos are still singing those songs or talking about something she taught them.”

Amy Powers, Teacher from Olathe, Kansas.

Mr. Country with kids
At Jemima's Playhouse, we make sure your kids are having fun! With Jemima's Playhouse, the kids will always have a wonderful time!
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