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Meet Our Friends!

Señor Burro©

This Spanish-speaking donkey is notoriously stubborn, but he brings a distinctive sense of creativity to our musical storytime. Whenever he visits, he reveals animated words and tells stories sure to enlighten students’ imaginations! To learn more about him, and how he contributes to music education, check out our Shop to read Señor Burro books or listen to our songs inspired by him:

The Legend of Señor Burro Digital Book

  • Señor Burro Goes to the Dentist Digital Book

  • I Love You  

  • Cool Donkey 

  • ABC with Señor Burro 

  • Counting to 100 with Señor Burro 

Madame Belle©

Our walking talking beautiful cow from France travels all over the world gathering interesting new stories to share with Dr. Jemima and Friends using new and sophisticated French words!


If you like Madame Belle, you may like our book, and songs about her in our Shop :


  • Comment Dites Vous Digital Book 

  • Bonjour Madame Belle

  • Counting to 100 with Madame Belle


When this Bahamian SUPERHERO swoops in, he talks about topics the children will definitely follow, like listening to your parents, cleaning up after yourself, and always being grateful.


BahamaMan is powered by the sun, sand, and the sea! To learn more about him listen to our songs inspired by him in our Shop :


BahamaMan, and BahamaMan2.


This environmental enemy uses a toilet paper as a hat, a suit made from trash bags, and banana peels as shoes! He tries to wreak havoc among communities, but deep down inside he longs to find his best friend, who is actually BahamaMan!


Click here to listen to our Waste-A-Tron© Song.

Boss the Chipmunk©

This exciting and fun character travels the world for an opportunity to race the fastest animals on the planet! Boss loves to dance, run fast, and look super cool!


To learn more about his adventures head to our Shop to read Boss the Chipmunk Wins the Race Book, and listen to our songs: The Boss Shuffle, Boss the Chipmunk Skit, and I’m Boss.


This lovable, magical Iguana from Australia teaches children about responsibility as he struggles with his own growing pains.


The children help Kuno fulfill his destiny on his quest to find his parents while experiencing different cultures for the first time. Don’t forget to listen to our fun song inspired by Kuno .

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