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About Us

Celebrating 12 Years of Excellence and Growth!
Our Story

We are a wildly imaginative and musical couple who always dreamt about creating something magical to share with the world. We have been designing fun characters and writing catchy songs since we began our lives together. Jemima's Playhouse is a complete manifestation of our dreams, and we are delighted to watch it bring the same happiness to families that it brings to our home.


Daydreaming about fun musical stories, games, and playful new characters for Jemima’s Playhouse is what we love to do. We are both children at heart before we are educators and musicians, and this will never change!


As we grow and improve as business owners and the parents of two music-loving little ones, we are very excited to continue this journey and create magic and music for our Playhouse family and ourselves to enjoy.


Thank you for traveling down the road of imagination with us and bringing a piece of Jemima’s Playhouse into your own lives.

What We Do

Jemima’s Playhouse is an early childhood educational entertainment experience for children ages two through eight, and the caregivers who love them!

Our creative and interactive learning approach incorporates animated storytime, creative dramatics, and original songs to help little ones develop their imagination and communication skills.

Jemima's Playhouse strives to bring magic to all children despite location. We are a family here at the Playhouse, and everyone is welcome to join us virtually and share in the magic of song, dance, and stories! 

Ready to start jamming with us? Click here to join the journey! 

Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to entertain and inspire all children in a safe and welcoming space while promoting creativity, diversity, inclusion, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development through our entertaining magical experiences.


Our core value lives with the foundation of our personal principles and beliefs: “your imagination is totally your creation”

By The Numbers






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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

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Dr. Jemima Sawyer

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With over twenty years of experience in Early Childhood Education, an MBA, and a Doctorate of Education Leadership, Dr. Jemima creates, records, and produces all the music for Jemima’s Playhouse.

“My heart always gravitated towards creating a magical experience for children all over the world to have fun, sing, dance, and laugh, while seamlessly learning at the same time. And that is how Jemima’s Playhouse’s whimsical journey began in 2012 when Mr. Tyrone and I shaped this magical playhouse with our new friends, Señor Burro and Madame Belle! We started writing our original music from our kitchen table, and recording our first songs in our very own closet! Since then, we have cultivated a team of like-minded, talented educators who work with us to bring our experiences and magic to as many families as we can.”

  • Favorite Jemima’s Playhouse’s music: I can’t choose! All of them are my babies.

  • Fun fact: I played the organ in church as a teenager. 

Mr. Tyrone.jpg

Dr. Tyrone Sawyer

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As a former track & field standout athlete and the winner of countless medals since 2002, Dr. Tyrone leverages his academic standing (Doctorate of Business Administration) and impressive fifteen years of experience in coaching/training young children, to create our unique characters and stories which intricately weave their way through the fabric of Jemima’s Playhouse’s DNA.

“I’ve always chosen to follow my dreams of being the 100-meter Olympic Champion. However, once a torn patella tendon abruptly ended my chances of competing in The Bahamas Olympic trials in 2012, I decided not to give up and channel my energy and hope into creating a whimsical space for kids to learn, dance, sing, and dream! Following Dr. Jemima’s aspiration of creating Jemima’s Playhouse (which would make her heart smile), I was just lost in amazement at the awesome experience we could create.  All these years later it brings joy to my soul to see Dr. Jemima’s heart smile every day.”

  • Favorite Jemima’s Playhouse’s music: There are so many, but the Jemima’s Playhouse Intro Song lets me know the party is getting started.

  • Fun fact: I love going to the beach.

Team Members

Join Our Team 

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