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Playhouse On The Road

School Visits

Our fully integrated, comprehensive music curriculum and musical storytime were designed to be taught by our highly trained, and certified educators.

With Jemima’s Playhouse, music becomes a powerful learning tool, whether your students are attending class in person or via distance learning, our original music and developmentally appropriate activities, and fun-loving characters have been found to raise the overall quality of children’s early learning.

*Life-size characters are not included in standard Jemima's Playhouse visits.


Jemima's Playhouse On The Road

In - Person School Visit

High energy entertainment (also known as in-house field trip).  Children will be entertainment by Jemima's Playhouse performer in-person visits (at the school site).

The show is 45 min performance.  Book now rate for one time visit is $250.

Package rate (minimum of 3 visits booked for the year is $200).


Each group can have up to 50 student participants.  For additional group session (30 mins) of up to 50 students is additional $100. 


Jumping Jam - In Person

2-8 Years

This session provides students with a fun learning experience in the ‘cultural appreciation method’. Children will dance, sing, and learn a variety of Spanish and French words through our amazing characters. We offer a collection of lessons with different subtopics using our characters and songs throughout each lesson.

  • Contact us to customize your experience.

  • Our experience offers different themes:

    • Spanish with Señor Burro

    • French with Madame Belle

    • Music with Silly Quarter Note

    • Travel the World with Boss The Chipmunk, and

    • Being Responsible with BahamaMan. 

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