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Our musical experiences are carefully crafted and age-specific to encourage your little ones to move, groove, learn and play creatively through music and movement. We develop original tunes and fun jams by integrating movements and imaginative characters into our classes to make it fun for the whole family.

Musical Storytime


As we believe in the power of imagination, our characters and lessons are designed to foster and promote the importance of creativity and imagination in children. Our musical education virtual lessons will expose children to a wide variety of resource material for art, movement, music, language, and most importantly social-emotional learning. In addition, our musical storytime encompasses a multicultural environment throughout the curriculum.

Our Musical Storytime experiences are offered virtually, either in a live format or on-demand, where you can enjoy the experience at your convenience.

Virtual Live Experience

Jumping Jam 2.jpg

Jumping Jam

2-5 Years

This online daily course provides students with a fun learning experience in the ‘cultural appreciation method’. Children will dance, sing, and learn a variety of Spanish and French words through our amazing characters. We offer a collection of lessons with different subtopics using our characters and songs throughout each session.​

  • Buy a plan (weekly or monthly pass) or $15 per class (one time visit)

  • Every weekday: 11a-11:30a ET and 1p-1:30p ET

  • Every day the experience offers a different theme:

    • Spanish with Señor Burro

    • French with Madame Belle

    • Music with Silly Quarter Note

    • Travel the World with Boss the Chipmunk, and

    • Being Responsible with BahamaMan.

Choose a plan below:

One time session 

Package Weekly pass or Monthly pass

On-Demand Experience

virtual classes .jpg

Amazing Amigos

3-8 Years

In this learning experience, children will have a blast learning a variety of Spanish and French beginner vocabularies while whimsically traveling the world with fun-loving Jemima’s Playhouse friends. 

  • Introductory Rate: $20 per episode or season pass of $72 (10% saving per episode)

  • 4 episodes per season

  • 20 mins per episode

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