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Farm Animals Music Video Introduces Teamwork and Concentration Skills

Jemima’s Playhouse has launched the music video for one the most beloved songs for the 50,000 children the company visits weekly – Farm Animals! What makes this song unique is its ability to encourage children, teachers and caregivers to participate in finding the imaginary farm animals that are scattered around the farm at Jemima’s Playhouse.

The searching for the farm animals in the song brings a great sense of anticipation and teamwork. Children as young as 18 months wait with baited anticipation to see where cutouts of the animals are placed in the classroom by a Jemima’s Playhouse instructor. The children search high and low for a horse, sheep, dog, and a cow; all animals which are in the song and found on a farm.

Dr. Jemima finds a cow!

“I’m so happy to be able to experience the Farm Animals music video from the comfort of my home with my family”, said Dr. Tyrone Sawyer II, co-founder of Jemima’s Playhouse. He added, “For years we have had so much fun in the classroom with the children and teachers. Now parents and their caregivers can have fun engaging in teamwork with their children too.”

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