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Jemima’s Playhouse Generates Excitement in Sachse, Texas!

As Dr. Tyrone of Jemima’s Playhouse sauntered into the Bearfoot Lodge Private School in Sachse, Texas at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022, he wondered for a moment what the students’ reaction would be. But he ought not to have wondered. Jemima’s Playhouse always generated the same response everywhere: the students were ecstatic! At the sight of Dr. Tyrone, the room full of PreK students burst out en mass singing one of the Jemima’s Playhouse, signature song, “Mis Colores”!

The atmosphere was electric. The occasion was nothing less than magical. Dr. Tyrone simply popped in to read passages from “Mis Colores” to the excited students. He took the opportunity to present the Bearfoot Lodge Private School with a few volumes of Jemima’s Playhouse books to celebrate their long-term relationship.

Being back in the classroom gave Dr. Tyrone a great sense of belonging. The students sang the song like it was not their first time hearing it. Some of them were not born the last time Jemima’s Playhouse visited the school. This made Dr. Tyrone think of the time he first realized the phenomenon of the music of Jemima’s Playhouse. And the phenomenon of how Jemima’s Playhouse was so lovingly embraced. That level of engagement by the students always put a smile on his face. Reminding him of the fundamental goal of Jemima’s Playhouse: to create something special; and to make learning fun.

As Dr. Tyrone commenced the reading of “Mis Colores”, to the students of Bearfoot Lodge Private School, Sachse, Texas, he could not help but flash a bewildered smile. The Covid-19 pandemic had a tremendous impact on Early Childhood learning due to fact that many students were faced with the reality of logging in to an online format to have class. And many teachers had the hard reality of noticing how disengaged toddlers were in that environment. “It was a pleasure to see the students enjoy their Jemima’s Playhouse experience,” said Dr. Tyrone.

Since starting Jemima’s Playhouse, a children’s entertainment company which offers a plethora of fun entertainment services, the company has expanded from Georgia to Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas and even The Bahamas. Señor Burro, the magical donkey from Mexico, is the flagship character of Jemima’s Playhouse. He is the voice behind “Mis Colores”.

Said Ms. Sara Foote, owner of Bearfoot Lodge Private School, Sachse, Texas: “Jemima’s Playhouse visits to our school is the highlight of the students’ week. “Mis Colores” is definitely a song that the students have so much fun with and it taught them their colors in Spanish”.


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