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Jemima’s Playhouse Releases Hit Music Video ‘Jungle Animals’

Jemima’s Playhouse just released the music video to 'Jungle Animals' on social media. Over YouTube, Facebook, and You can now catch Dr. Jemima, Señor Burro, and Madame Belle engage with some exciting animals from the jungle. The “Jungle Animals” song has been a staple in the Jemima’s Playhouse catalogue for many years with students sometimes spontaneously belting out the catchy lyrics and interesting vocal style, which has made so many Jemima’s Playhouse songs transformational.

“The ‘Jungle Animals’ music video is extremely exciting for the Jemima’s Playhouse family”, said Dr. Jemima Sawyer, one of the founders of Jemima’s Playhouse. She added, “The introduction of visuals to our popular songs have triggered another dimension of fun for our students, parents, and their wonderful caregivers who love them.”

The Jemima’s Playhouse approach provides educational entertainment backed by proven methods and over a decade of research. The company’s hands-on experience keeps children engaged while seamlessly learning. With every day, more and more houses are becoming Jemima’s Playhouse houses. If you would like to be a part of Jemima’s Playhouse virtual classes, check out Jumping Jam Virtual classes.

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