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Virtual Classes Trigger Excitement for Jemima’s Playhouse

Jemima’s Playhouse introduces an exciting innovation to its catalogue of services – Virtual Classes!

“This is tremendous!” opined Jemima’s playhouse founder, Dr. Tyrone Sawyer, trying but not fully succeeding to contain his growing excitement. “Children, their parents or their caregivers can log in from anywhere in the world and access our amazing characters, our songs and our signature dances; something that until now, they were only able to do in person.”

Before the introduction of virtual classes, Jemima’s Playhouse reached a selected audience of schools, with young people between the ages of two to twelve, located in Georgia, Missouri, Texas, Kansas, and Nebraska. And the impact has been nothing short of magical. “But now,” said Dr. Tyrone, “A whole new world has been opened up through the Jemima’s Playhouse Virtual Experience, as we have seen participants sign-up from states we’ve never serviced before in person.”

The Jemima’s Playhouse approach provides educational entertainment backed by proven methods and years of research. The company’s hands-on experience keeps children engaged while seamlessly learning. A rather interesting adjustment has been made for the parents and caregivers of the virtual children for Jemima’s Playhouse. The addictive songs are now being sung by them more than the children themselves. With every day more and more houses are becoming Jemima’s Playhouse houses. If you would like to be a part of Jemima’s Playhouse virtual classes, check out Jumping Jam Virtual classes.

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