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Jemima's Playhouse Unveils New Educational Music Video: "ABC with Señor Burro"

Updated: Jul 5

Jemima's Playhouse, in collaboration with Meet Your Imagination Production Company, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest music video, "ABC with Señor Burro." This delightful video features Señor Burro, our magical donkey from Mexico, teaching children the alphabet in both Spanish and English.

Señor Burro, a beloved character from Jemima's Playhouse, brings joy and education to young viewers with his engaging personality and an amazing background story. The song "ABC with Señor Burro" is designed to make learning the alphabet fun and interactive, promoting bilingual education through music.

"Our goal is to create content that is both entertaining and educational," says Dr. Jemima, Co-founder and COO of Jemima's Playhouse. "Señor Burro's charm and the catchy tune of 'ABC with Señor Burro' make it easy for kids to learn their ABCs in two languages. We believe this video will be a valuable resource for parents and educators alike."

Meet Your Imagination Production Company has brought their expertise and creativity to the project, ensuring that "ABC with Señor Burro" is a high-quality production that will captivate and educate young audiences.

"ABC with Señor Burro" is now available on Youtube. Join Jemima's Playhouse on this exciting learning adventure today!

For more information, please contact:

Jemima's Playhouse

(770) 462-2499

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