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Jumping Jam Virtual Sessions Make Every House A Jemima's Playhouse

The virtual sessions for Jemima’s Playhouse, aptly called ‘Jumping Jam’, has made a tremendous bounce for the children’s entertainment company. Now children, parents, and the caregivers who love them so much all have an opportunity to enjoy Jemima’s Playhouse together.

Daily courses provide children with a fun learning experience in the Jemima’s Playhouse ‘cultural appreciation method’. Children who take these courses learn Spanish and French words through the amazing characters Señor Burro and Madame Belle. There are also over 100 proprietary songs which are so contagious, parents and children alike sing them throughout the day.

“One of the cornerstone foundations for Jemima’s Playhouse is the power of imagination”, beamed Dr. Tyrone, co-founder of Jemima’s Playhouse. He enthusiastically added, “Our musical education virtual lessons have exposed millions of children to a wide variety of movement, music, foreign languages, and most importantly, emotional learning.”

The ‘Jumping Jam’ sessions which are offered in a live format or on demand enable children from all over the world to make their house a Jemima’s Playhouse.

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