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The “Musical Alphabet” – A Staple at JEMIMA’S PLAYHOUSE

Children, parents, and caregivers can now enjoy the musical alphabet from the comfort of their homes with the Musical Alphabet music video and the book, Musical Alphabet. Just one more innovation from Jemima’s Playhouse, a ten-year-old educational company formed by Dr. Jemima Sawyer and her husband, Dr. Tyrone Sawyer at their kitchen table in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Jemima, herself, often surprises the students with cameo appearances on virtual Jemima’s Playhouse classes, which commence every day at 10:30 am. Engaging with children and their caregivers from all over the world! One sure indication of her presence is her quiet irrepressible smile.

The musical alphabet, a foundational music concept, is a cornerstone educational component of Jemima’s Playhouse. When Dr. Jemima and Dr. Tyrone started Jemima’s Playhouse from their kitchen counter 11 years ago, the musical alphabet was one of the major concepts students and their parents would learn. Students immediately started to play the musical alphabet on the keyboard, to their delight.

Who could have known that after the first introduction of the musical alphabet, there would be songs, music videos, and even books?!! The Jemima’s Playhouse musical alphabet has become an entertaining venture for numerous children and their families. When any of the Jemima’s Playhouse instructors ask a group of children “How many letters are in the musical alphabet?”, there is always a resounding answer: “Seven!”.

“The energy of students all over the world has transformed Jemima’s Playhouse on so many levels”, said Dr. Jemima with a gratifying nod. “We love to engage with our students, but the biggest satisfaction for us is to see so many parents and caregivers enjoying participating with their little ones!”

Jemima’s Playhouse Musical Alphabet continues to connect with students and their caregivers at an ever-increasing pace; and continues to tell a story all its own! We create memories for children as they sing and dance, letting their imagination take them away to the Musical Alphabet. If you'd like to enjoy the musical alphabet you can check out the Musical Alphabet book on our online store.

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